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Cheryl McDonald

Meet Cheryl

Hey there! I am Cheryl McDonald, and I'm so glad you took some time to stop by and visit our site. 

As the Founder of Slip Stoppers, my mission is simple: Reduce and prevent slip/fall accidents in my community.

As you'll come to learn, floor safety has been a passion of mine for years, and I'm blessed to have an amazing team that helps works hard to prevent unnecessary slip/fall accidents every day. 


With access to industry leading anti-slip flooring solutions, Slip Stoppers is your source for safety - in your home and workplace!

Cheryl's Story

In July of 2017 Cheryl launched Slip Stoppers LLC.  The "Why" is a foundational building block for any business, and for Cheryl's new business venture, her "Why" was very personal: her Dad.

Cheryl's Dad was fighting a five year battle with stomach cancer. Despite the challenges, he was doing amazing. In fact his doctors called him - Pat the Cat - because they wondered if he really had nine lives!  

In the fifth year of his fight he suffered a catastrophic slip and fall accident that shattered all of the bones in his arm. Unfortunately, within one year of his accident he passed away.  The doctors said his body was healing the broken bones, and not the cancer, which lead to the quick decline in his health. 

Since then, Cheryl has made it her mission to create safer surfaces for all to walk on, and uses her Dad as a constant reminder that slip and fall accidents are preventable. 


If you have troublesome areas in your home or business, and want to talk about reducing the chance of a slip/fall. Let's connect!


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